AHEPA Management Company (AMC) Property Management


A Renowned Specialist in Managing HUD Sponsored Senior Housing

We are proud to have developed an outstanding team of professionals including resident property managers, regionals and area managers, and headquarters support staff, that delivers expert supervision of the federally funded properties we manage. Our stellar history with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and numerous other federal and state programs, has resulted in top-notch performance for apartment owners of the federally assisted housing operations we manage.


Experienced Property Management Professionals

Our experience in managing HUD sponsored housing that benefits low-to-modest income senior citizens, has earned us national recognition. AHEPA Management Company (AMC) contracts with the AHEPA National Housing Corporation (ANHC) sponsored apartment community to become the managing agent of the property once it is operational. AMC hires, develops, and educates and trains property managers and support staff, and stays current with the ever changing governmental rules, regulations, and mandates that are required of federally funded housing. AHEPA Management Company’s headquarter’s staff coordinates and manages the accounting functions, financial analysis, budgeting, compliance, human resources, banking and insurance relationships, information technology, supply-chain needs, marketing and public relations, supportive services, and more. AHEPA Management Company employees are highly committed professionals in their respective field and are always ready to serve.

AHEPA Management Company continues to take a leadership role in identifying and adopting best practices that improve its effectiveness and efficiency, develop greater scale, and seek continuous improvement in delivering best-in-class service and performance to the apartment ownership it serves.

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