AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) initiated its efforts in the development of the Section 202 multifamily housing for low-income elderly in 1980. AHEPA’s first project, known as AHEPA 53 Apartments, consists of 117 units and is located in St Louis, MO. The project was funded in September 1980, went into initial endorsement in May 1981, and was ready for occupancy by April 1982. The name AHEPA 53 Apartments reflects the local AHEPA chapter that was instrumental in obtaining the funding for this project and continues to provide local support for the project and its residents.

Based on the success of this initial effort AHEPA National Housing Corporation (ANHC) was subsequently formed for the development of Section 202 elderly housing. ANHC was chartered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia in 1983. Through its sponsorship and assistance to local chapters, the AHEPA Housing Program has grown to its present size. In 1991 the success of the program led ANHC to form a wholly owned subsidiary, the AHEPA Management Company, Inc. (AMC) to manage those projects in operation and future projects. Thus ANHC could now concentrate on the development of new projects and the overall administration of the housing program, all on a volunteer basis.

The Board, whose members are the presiding presidents of each of the operating chapter corporations, annually elect officers and three directors who make up the executive board. All are volunteers. The AMC contracts with the project to become the managing agent of the property once it is operational. It hires and trains project managers, and maintenance personnel. It keeps up-to-date on the ever-changing governmental rules and regulations governing federally funded facilities. ANHC takes a leadership role in identifying and adopting design improvements and services.  The AMC on-site and Headquarters personnel handle the financial and accounting analysis, budgeting, computer expertise, marketing, and public relations. The employees of AMC are paid professionals in their respective field. Thus the AHEPA Housing Program, through the hard work of early volunteers, has rapidly developed into the premier program of the Order of AHEPA. It hopes to continue to expand and assist more chapters to participate in this worthwhile program so beneficial to senior citizens.